Hello! We’re Fat Potato, an IT consultancy based in Cheltenham.

We offer experienced engineers with expertise in a range of technologies and languages.


Whilst we believe certification is an important measurement, we know experience is required to backup and build on those learnings. Fat Potato employees specialise in modern day technology solutions and frameworks. Some of these include, but not limited to, the following:

Polyglot Programming

We embrace a Polyglot Programming approach, leveraging a diverse range of languages such as Java, Python, JavaScript (Node/React) and Go, combined with expertise in multiple database technologies and Cloud-native solutions.

Secure by Design

We develop solutions that prioritise security from the ground up, integrating robust measures at every stage of development to ensure data integrity and protection against cyber threats.


We specialise in GitOps-driven development, combining the release process with Infrastructure as Code (CloudFormation, Terraform) to automate and optimise the deployment process.

Security & Vulnerability Management

Integrating tools like Trivy, SonarQube and FindBugs into the build process to ensure every build is fully compliant with the latest security definitions.

Test & Business Driven Development

Our team employs a BDD approach alongside industry-leading testing frameworks such as Cucumber and Selenium to ensure that every line of code aligns with business objectives.

Agile and DevOps

We can support the development process through use of supporting roles, with certified Scrum Masters, Project Managers and Delivery Leads. We also look to support the complete delivery of software through the use of modern DevOps practices.


As early adopters of containerisation, we possess a deep expertise in Docker, Kubernetes, and associated AWS technologies like ECS and EKS. We always drive to provide a containerised first solution, allowing us to make use of Microservice driven architectures and serverless development patterns.

CNCF Technologies

We are experts in the Cloud native landscape, our engineers always seek to use the latest industry recommend tooling to provide the best solutions to our customer.


With a long history in high performance Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes, we can develop highly optimised AI/ML workflows, ensuring seamless data integration, cleansing, and preparation to drive insights and innovation in machine learning applications.


Our employees undergo ongoing training, obtaining certifications at various levels including AWS Professional, Associate, and Practitioner, as well as certifications in Kubernetes Application Development, Kubernetes Administration, and Kubernetes for Web Developers.

Why Fat Potato

Over the past 5 years, we have engaged and provided services in relation, but not limited to:


  • Back & Front-End Software Development
  • Organisation and Scrum Mastering of teams
  • Cloud Architectural Design
  • Air-gapped CI/CD Software Integration
  • SRE and Mission Support
  • Project/Delivery management of software teams

Let’s Meet the Team

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